Warehouse design and updating

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Warehouse design and updating

If you are just getting started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, do not let this article overwhelm you.

The sequence of the topics is mostly in the order of importance.

The purpose of this article is to give you some basic guidance and to raise awareness of important areas to focus as you build your data warehouse.

Each section introduces you to a concept and then point you to more detailed articles which cover the concept in more depth.

This article is a collection of many best practices that will help you to achieve optimal performance from your Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Some of the concepts in this article are basic and easy to explain, other concepts are more advanced and we just scratch the surface in this article.

Poly Base loads can be run using CTAS or INSERT INTO.Another key feature is the ability to scale resources.Pausing and Scaling can be done via the Azure portal or through Power Shell commands.Canceling a simple SELECT query is a quick operation and has almost no impact to the time it takes to pause or scale your instance.However, transactional queries, which modify your data or the structure of the data, may not be able to stop quickly.

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It's equally important to update statistics as significant changes happen to your data.

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